About Boat Charter Croatia, Yachting holiday, Croatia yacht charter

About Boat Charter Croatia

Choose between bareboat yacht charter, boat rental with a skipper or crewed charter in Croatia. Start your vacation in other Mediterranean countries...

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When to come in Croatia?, Croatia sailing season, Good sail experience

When to come in Croatia?

Croatia sailing season time is quite long and start from begining of April and goes through end of October. For those who are looking for good...

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Where to come in Croatia?, Dubrovnik

Where to come in Croatia?

Our yacht charter Croatia offers most known embarkation marinas. The yachts can be chartered from marina Dubrovnik, Baska Voda, Makarska, Rogac on...

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Why Croatia?, Croatian coastline, Sailing holidays, Boat cruising vacations

Why Croatia?

The Croatian coastline is perfect for sailing holidays. With numerous islands, bays, beaches, coves, small ports you can stop as many times as you...

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Bareboat yacht charter, Chartering the yacht, Hire the boat

Bareboat yacht charter

Sailing the boat by yourself – that is bareboat, you are qualified and experienced enough for chartering the yacht. You are the skipper and...

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Skippered Yacht rental, Professional skipper, Learning to sail

Skippered Yacht rental

If you have little or no previous experience to charter a yacht, if you don't feel comfortable with your nautical skills; or if you just wont to have...

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Crewed luxury boat charter vacations, Luxury Superyachts, Exclusive boat rental

Crewed luxury boat charter vacations

For those guests who prefer a more luxurious type of cruising we offer an exclusive boat rental with fully crewed team to sail the guests to the far...

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