Bareboat yacht charter

Bareboat yacht charter, Chartering the yacht, Hire the boat

Sailing the boat by yourself – that is bareboat, you are qualified and experienced enough for chartering the yacht. You are the skipper and therefore you can go wherever you wish, at your own pace.

Beside the navigational skills the person which will hire the boat need to have valid license for navigation at the open sea and the radio communication license (VHF), which need to be presented to us before charter starting date. As a skipper, you will be responsible for navigate and keeping of the boat, and of your crew's safety. Before leaving the marina, you will get a through chart briefing, and a boat briefing to show you all the boat's systems.

Charters run from Saturday to Saturday (usually), with embarkation being around 5pm and disembarkation around 8am. - 9am. In most cases you are expected to return the yacht to the port of embarkation, although if you book early we can usually organise one -way charters if required.