Charteree obligations

The Charteree is obligated to deliver to the Charterer a completly clean and dry yacht in fautless conditions with full fuel and water tanks in the agreed time and place and expects the yacht to be returned in the same condition. If the Charteree is for any reason not able to provide the reserved boat at scheduled place and time he could provide other yacht, at least identical or with better characteristics.

If the reserved boat is not provided within 24 hours the Charterer could cancel the charter and claim the reimbursement of the charter fee paid. Any other claim for reimbursement is not included.

Charter terms and conditions

  1. Charter fee
  2. Payment conditions
  3. Security deposit
  4. Charteree obligations
  5. Take over of the yacht (check-in)
  6. Charterer’s obligations
  7. Charterer’s liability
  8. Returning the yacht (check-out)
  9. Insurance
  10. Charter cancellation
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