Charterer’s obligations

Charterer's obligations

After taking possession of the yacht, the Charterer shall bear on his own account all costs of the daily berth in the port, or in the marina, costs of fuel, oil, water and all other necessities. The Charterer is obligated to sail within Croatian teritorial waters. For leaving Croatian water the Charterer is obligated to ask the Charteree s special permission and certificate. Charterer is obliged to take care of the yacht and navigate it carefully and according to the rules of a good navigator and sail only during safe weather conditions and good visibility.

The Charterer is not allowed to subcharter a yacht or relet it to the third person, participate in regattas or yacht races, night fishing, to sail at night by unsafe weather and to violate public rules, orders and laws. The number of persons on board has to correspond to the crew list. The charterer assumes the responsibility for consequences of non-observance of his obligations.

The Charterer declares that he has all necessary navigational skills and that he possesses a valid license necessary for the navigation at open sea and radiophone certificate which have to be presented.

In case of the damage to the yacht or to it's equipment during the trip, the Charterer is oblgated to inform the Charteree without delay.

The Charterer is obligated to notify the Charteree and the authorities in case the yacht or some equipment is missing, if the further navigation is not possible or in case yacht was dispossessed of or if futher navigation was prohibited by state authorities or third parties. If the Charterer fails to hold on his obligations he is considered fully responsible for all consequences for the Charteree and he guarantees for them.

In case of the embarkation of pets (dogs, cats, birds and similar) the Charterer is obligated to inform the Charteree. Sometimes this is an extra charge for final cleaning according to the price list. 

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