The yacht is insured against a third person damages and fully insured (CASCO) for all damages resulting from force majeure up to the registered amount of the yacht value for risks according to the insurance policy. If damage occurs during the cruise, the Charterer is not to be charged (damages due to normal exhaustion or in the case of overdraft of the guarantee sum) and he must receive permission (instruction) from the Charteree for an adequate repair.

In the case of larger damages, as well as those where other boats are involved, the Charterer is obligated to report it to the authorized harbour-master's office and record it in protocol (the course of events, estimation of the damage) for the insurance company. The Charterer is obligated to report it to the Charteree office as well.

If the Charterer doesn't fulfill his obligations he can be fully charged for the damage costs. Insurance covers all the damages by franchise caused by weather or from the other natural disasters, but not the damages made on purpose.
Charges for purpose made damages are not limited by deposit, all expenses caused by damage made on purpose must be paid. Personal belongings are not covered by the insurance. All crew members are covered by the insurance.

Charter terms and conditions

  1. Charter fee
  2. Payment conditions
  3. Security deposit
  4. Charteree obligations
  5. Take over of the yacht (check-in)
  6. Charterer’s obligations
  7. Charterer’s liability
  8. Returning the yacht (check-out)
  9. Insurance
  10. Charter cancellation
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