Payment conditions

The chartered yacht with complete equipment can be used only after the payment was regularly settled to Charteree's account:

  • 50% of the charter fee latest 4 (four) days upon signing the contract
  • 50% of the charter fee latest 4 (four) weeks before commencement of the charter.

Note: If the charter starts in short time and where not exist 4 weeks before charter, the boat need to be paid in total 100%.  Bank and payment transfer charges are obligated to be paid from the Charterer.

Charter terms and conditions

  1. Charter fee
  2. Payment conditions
  3. Security deposit
  4. Charteree obligations
  5. Take over of the yacht (check-in)
  6. Charterer’s obligations
  7. Charterer’s liability
  8. Returning the yacht (check-out)
  9. Insurance
  10. Charter cancellation
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