Najam luksuznih plovla s posadom

Najam luksuznih plovla s posadom

For those guests who prefer a more luxurious type of cruising we offer an exclusive boat rental with fully crewed team to sail the guests to the far reaches of coasts.

The yacht comes with crew: skippers or captain, sailor or deckhand and cook / chef or hostess. The yachts are bigger and larger more luxurious that bareboats and they are class of their own with the finest modern design and performance. It's perfect way to relax and unwind. No set itineraries, no waiting in lines and never any crowds to deal with. Just you and perhaps a few friends doing what you want to do, when you want to do it. Communing with nature and with each other. Visiting the quiet coves and deserted beaches only accessible to yachts such as yours.

Also you can have if possible, much more equipment on board: jet skii, water skooter, windsurf, snorkeling, also even scuba diving.

Crewed yachts offer an unparalled level of privacy and are ideal for special occasions such as honeymoons, wedding anniversaries, as well as corporate entertainment, business meetings, product launches, photo Shoots and film work and, of course, that holiday of a lifetime.

You can choose from an enormous variety of fully crewed luxury Superyachts, Motoryachts, motorsailers, Gulets or sailing yachts, all with fully experienced crews awaiting to pamper to you and your guests every wish.

In case you require an assistance or our opinion, please contact us by phone or send an e-mail. We will contact you soon.

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